How can you help?

Become a board member

The Greenville chapter extends an open invitation to our board meeting to all members. We'd like to add board positions for:
  • Scholarship Chair
  • Special Activities
  • Community Outreach
  • Charitable Work
  • Student Activities

This will help you grow your network and expand your management and business skills.

Support our meetings:

The success of the chapter is dependent on your support of our activities. For us to attract the best speakers we must have members attend the meetings.

Volunteer to speak at a meeting if you have a particular skill set that would benefit others members.

Recommend topics / speakers.

Recommend meeting locations.

Bring a friend / associate

Support our fund raising activities:

Attend / sponsor our annual golf tournament, raising funds for CMA scholarships

Attend our CPE events throughout the year which help fund speakers and networking social events.

Donate to our charity drives, benefiting the local community.